We build the largest pneumatic ship unloaders (up to 1,500 tonnes per hour) for the aluminium industry, serving smelters around the globe.

Ship loaders as well as combined ship loaders/unloaders are available for a wide variety of bulk materials.

On the land side we are highly specialised, providing complete loading and unloading stations for vehicles such as railcars, trucks and potroom vehicles.

Customers all over the world continue to place their trust in our innovative bulk loading/unloading technology and cost effective, process driven solutions.

REEL Alesa is the world’s leading provider of high capacity pneumatic ship unloaders to the aluminium industry.

Rail car and truck loading / unloading

REEL ALESA provides high-capacity dust-free loading/unloading stations for various products.

These facilities have been proven in industrial applications over many years. Railcar or truck loading/unloading characteristically involves a short cycle time with high environmental standards in terms of dust prevention.

REEL ALESA’s equipment and controls have been developed to meet these specific customer challenges

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