REEL Alesa provides key technologies to the cement industry

When it comes to special projects, REEL Alesa is a major player serving the cement industry with high performance and high capacity systems.

We deliver customised solutions to the global cement industry  including :

For various materials such as raw meal, clinker, fly ashes and cement .

Thanks to its 50 years of experience, Reel ALESA brings a complementary set of high-level technical skills.

Loading/unloading facilities

Ship loaders (up to  1,500 tonnes per hour) including export conveyors as well as truck / railcar loading /unloading systems.

Customers all over the world continue to place their trust in our innovative bulk loading/unloading technology and cost effective, process driven solutions.

Storage facility

Storing cement in big volume (dome) in terminals or at the plant is one of our strengths.

Our solutions include for a pneumatic reclaim system which does not require any mechanical equipment in contact with the product.

Our innovative solutions guarantee low maintenance cost and high availability of the reclaim system.

Kiln Feed

REEL Alesa provides pneumatic elevator feeding raw meal to the preheater tower of a cement plant at accurate feed rate.

Due to perfect air flow control, the pressure drop to elevate 250tph of raw meal to the top of the kiln pre-calcination tower at 100m above ground level is a direct analog of the kiln feed rate.

High capacity cement conveying system

Conveying cement with pneumatic systems to the storage area is one of our core competencies whereas our solutions provide for the lowest power consumption in the industry.

Fly ash handling 

From the powerplant  to the finishing mill at the cement plant, REEL Alesa provides the entire flyash handling solution.

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