REEL Alesa provides complete materials handling solutions for the power sector

We are an innovative supplier to the power sector, for decades we are providing innovative technological solutions for all types of combustion power system – from thermal power plants to industrial boilers powered with coal, biomass or waste.

We deliver customised solutions to the global power industry  including :

For any type of ashes, residues and reagent .

Thanks to its 50 years of experience, Reel ALESA brings a complementary set of high-level technical skills.

Ashes and residues handling and transfer system

Shall it be using dilute phase systems (MPV) Dense Phase system (PV/DPS) or Air Gravity conveyors (AGC) we capture the product from the various collecting points to safely and reliably transfer it to storage facilities, recirculation systems, ….

Our in-depth knowledge of materials handling and power systems acquired over decades combined with REEL Alesa’s unique scientific approach leads to proven and reliable solutions that go beyond our customer expectations.

Storage facility

We delivery turnkey tailor made facilities including all features and technologies (dome, concrete, bolted steel, welded steel, …) with the full range of capacity from few tons to more than 40 000 t

With millions of tons of storage capacity build over the years we are the ideal partner to provide the right facilities with the right technology.

Loading systems

Our loading stations enable all kind of features and possibilities from dry to wet loading including transfer from silos to load all type of vehicles (train, trucks, ship).

Specifically the REEL Alesa wet conditioner (humidification screw)  make us the preferred suppliers from plant operation people through a reliable, clean and dust free loading process.

Process equipment

REEL Alesa provides state of the art process equipment like crushers and cooling screws to allow for a safe transport and storage of ashes or residues.

These combined with our pneumatic transfer system enable a perfect management of the heat transfer managing the risk of water condensation while avoiding re-ignitions

Fly ash handling 

From the powerplant  to the finishing mill at the cement plant, REEL Alesa provides the entire flyash handling solution.

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