Loading/unloading facilities

We build the largest pneumatic ship unloaders (up to 1,500 tonnes per hour) for the aluminium industry, serving smelters around the globe.

Ship loaders (up to  2,500 tonnes per hour) as well as combined ship loaders/unloaders are available for a wide variety of bulk materials.

REEL Alesa is the world’s leading provider of high capacity pneumatic ship unloaders to the aluminium industry.

Harbor facilities

REEL Alesa also  delivers complete harbor facilities integrating shipunloading/loading systems with all storage and materials handling solutions from concept studies to turnkey solutions

Main alumina and  petcoke storage facility

REEL Alesa’s Alumina and  Petcoke  storage facilities are constructed worldwide providing excellent performance with zero segregation and attrition of the materials.

More than 1,2 Million tons of alumina storage capacity created in the last 20 years


From the main storage area to the smelter facilities, REEL Alesa provides conveying systems with all types of technologies to suit the need of the aluminium smelter.

This could be either mechanical with belt and pipe conveyors or pneumatic with air gravity conveyors (AGC) to Dense Phase System (DPS) and Hyper Dense Phase System (HDPS™) .

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