Potfeed  :

HDPS™, HDPS™ Siphon, Hybrid,  DPS

Whether a hyper dense phase system (HDPS™), a high pressure dense phase system or a hybrid system, our specialists deliver solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our fully automated pot feed systems improve safety, reduce anode effects (greenhouse gas ) and dust emissions at your facility while enhancing the performance of your reduction cells.

Due to their high adaptability, our potfeed solutions are used to retrofit existing smelters, replacing crane and vehicle feed. They are fully automated with continuous online feedback to reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Several decades of industrial development enabled us to design and optimize  a wide range of technologies adapted to today’s modern smelter operation.

Pot design and cell creep

For smelters challenged by increasing energy costs, an optimised busbar solution delivers a higher stability cell operation with greater magnetic stability for increased energy efficiency.

Our experienced engineering team helps you achieve the optimum busbar design for improved cell stability and reduced external voltage drop.

REEL Alesa’s busbar modelling capability enables you to further creep your potline.

Crust breaker / Dosing unit

REEL Alesa as a supplier of smelting technologies has performed substantial research and development work related to the design, manufacturing , installation and operation of Crust-Breaker, Al2O3 and AlF3  dosing systems for various pot technologies.

More than 4’000 REEL Alesa  crust breaking and dosing systems have been successfully installed in a number of different smelters world-wide with high  reliability and accuracy.

The REEL Alesa crust  breaker unit with penetration feedback module (chisel contact /  intelligent crust breaker) can be integrated in new or existing pots and can be controlled by your pot control system. Long life and low maintenance cost are distinctive features of the device.

REEL Alesa has developed a highly reliable and heat resitant volumetric dosing system that can be installed in any pot superstructure and which extracts at each dosing interval an exact amount of alumina from the bin.

Pot control : ALPSYS®

REEL Alesa delivers and implements ALPSYS®, the world’s most advanced pot process control system.

This self-standing system enables comprehensive pot regulation and reduction potline management.

It can be implemented when building a new potline or replacing an older pot process control system.

As an experienced aluminium industry insider, REEL Alesa helps smelters around the globe to increase pot efficiency and lower anode effects.

Reduction managers worldwide choose our state of the art process control system including both hardware and software.

ALPSYS® boosts the performance of  various pot technologies up to 600 kA .

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